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Sons of Thunder

Sons of Thunder

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Apostle Brian Tamaki writes for any society to function, the family must function.  For the family to function at it's best, The 'MAN' (father) has to function.  As far as God is concerned, if He is going to fix a nation and fix the family it begins and ends with THE MAN!

My purpose in "Sons of Thunder" is to get the man out of the male, get the husband out of the man and finally - get the father out of the husband.

When we break God's order and plan for TRUE MANHOOD - we then end up with the chaos we have in the world today!

This book will get you well on your way to becoming the man God wanted you to be!  I'm sure every woman wants the man in her life to MAN UP!

Publication date: 2016
Number of pages: 115
Publisher: Tamaki Publications

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